COVID - 19 Counseling

40-minute individual telehealth session at $30 for COVID - 19 related mental health issues. Call: 916 - 220 - 6632

Limited time offer for people facing financial hardship. Valid till May 30th, 2020. Limit 6 sessions per person. In CA only. 

For regular counseling appointments visit -  

We are all experiencing an unprecedented health crisis all around the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are trying our best to keep safe and healthy. 

Staying at home, working from home, managing kids, monitoring their continued online education, solving sibling fights, and trying to keep safe naturally increases anxiety and stress. The 24-hour media cycle is not helpful to reduce anxiety. The ever-changing situation related to COVID -19 and the continuously updated directives are increasing thoughts of self-doubt, such as "Am I doing enough?" 

Social distancing impacted our relationships and our happiness. Although it is absolutely necessary, it is taking an emotional toll on us. We need to have fun with friends, interact with colleagues, attend events, concerts, picnics. Socially shared experiences are central to our existence. We get energy, and joy from these experiences.

Now due to increased vaccination, there is hope. At the same time, there is continued anxiety about different varients of COVID surfacing around the world. But you are not alone, we are in this together. 

Some other situations you might be going through are - 

  •  Experiencing financial insecurity, uncertainty & hopelessness due to loss of a job

  • Feeling helpless if your loved one is infected with COVID-19

  • Feeling depressed, isolated, lonely, and fearful 

  • Increased tensions, arguments, passive-aggressive behavior between you and your significant other. 

  • Feeling trapped, and stuck with no escape

  • Experiencing discrimination due to misconceptions surrounding COVID-19

If you are experiencing heightened anxiety and stress, hypervigilance, isolation, depression, or relationship issues due to COVID-19, do not hesitate to get help. 

Call for a free phone consultation now. 916-220-6632

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