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COVID - 19 Counseling

40-minute individual telehealth session at $30 for COVID - 19 related mental health issues. Call: 916 - 220 - 6632

Limited time offer for people facing financial hardship. Valid till May 30th, 2020. Limit 6 sessions per person. In CA only. 

For regular counseling appointments visit -  

This summer looks a lot different than 2020 for sure. At this time last year, we were hunkered down in our homes. 

Working from home, managing kids, monitoring their continued online education, solving sibling fights, and trying to keep safe. All of us were anxious and stressed.

Now many of us are vaccinated. The restrictions on social gatherings and traveling are eased. It feels great to go out and enjoy ourselves with our friends and family, share laughter and stories. 

 At the same time, there is continued anxiety about different varients of COVID surfacing around the world.

Some of us are still not so sure about gathering with others, taking a trip, or attending events. And that is perfectly fine. The comfort level surrounding the reopening varies. 

Some other situations you might be going through are - 

  •  Experiencing financial insecurity, uncertainty & hopelessness due to loss of a job

  • Grieving if you have lost your loved one due to COVID-19. 

  • Feeling anxious, nervous, and fearful about the reopening

  • Increased tensions, arguments, passive-aggressive behavior between you and your significant other. 

  • Experiencing discrimination due to misconceptions surrounding COVID-19

If you are experiencing heightened anxiety and stress, hypervigilance, isolation, depression, or relationship issues, do not hesitate to get help. 

Call for a free phone consultation now. 916-220-6632

Helpful links:  Free Resources 

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Social Distancing
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