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Women's Group 

Time: Mondays 6 -7:30 pm starting January 23rd

Place: Online

Sessions: 10

Cost: $350

Full payment due before the first session.

For any questions, call or email. I would be happy to clarify any doubts. 

Registration ends January 20, 2023

This group is focused on women of South Asian descent who are going through relationship issues with their partners. Women who might be in an abusive relationship, in stages of separation or divorce, or already divorced. You might be experiencing stress navigating the legal system, and caring for your children while maintaining your job. It might be difficult to find support within the cultural and societal constraints and norms.  

The focus of the group is providing a safe, confidential space for fostering expression and gaining support from women with shared experiences. You will learn proven techniques and tools for anxiety management, stress management, and effective communication strategies while exploring your changed identity.

Outline of the group sessions-

  1. Sense of self - focusing on your identity and self-respect 

  2. Introduction to Mindfulness - Theory and exercises for grounding

  3. Mindfulness for emotion management - Learning core skills        

  4. Anxiety management - Identifying triggers and impact

  5. Anxiety management -  Learning and practicing tools 

  6. Stress management - Identifying triggers and impact

  7. Stress management - Learning and practicing tools 

  8. Effective communication strategies 

  9. Managing social and personal relationships while keeping self-respect

  10. Reflections 

Women's group
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