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Amita Khare, LMFT


If you are looking for honest conversations and a practical approach to healing yourself then you are at the right place. 

I offer in-person and telehealth (video) sessions to all California residents.

Call for a FREE phone consultation today!

(916) 220-6632

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With You Every Step Of The Way

Enjoying Outdoor

Trauma Counseling

My specialties include working successfully with children and adults affected by trauma. I use evidence-based modalities to assist my clients to alleviate anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms.


Children & Family Counseling

An increase in anxiety, depression, emotional outbursts, self-harm, isolation, and loneliness is a direct result of the pandemic. I would be able to help alleviate these symptoms along with other life events. 


Women & Young Adults

Are you feeling exhausted, worried, hopeless most of the time? Has the pandemic resulted in resurfacing of past trauma? I can help you prioritize your goals and the means to get there while maintaining relationships and your self-respect.

Client Testimonials

" I can't thank you enough for the work we did together. The obstacles I have faced, I have overcome so much easier and faster than I would have before. The amount of self-love, happiness, and curiosity hasn't been this large in my entire life. I am equipped with some great tools. Thank you. "

" I was very blessed to have been helped by Amita! She is so wonderful and I am so much more balanced and healthier emotionally. She offered a relaxing environment for me; I felt extremely comfortable instantly. She listened intently and was able to draw out what I couldn't figure out. As a result, there has been tremendous healing (emotional and thought forms). I highly recommend Amita Khare to help open you up to healing and restoring your life. I am here to let you know that you are in the right place and very good care with Amita." 

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