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Amita Khare, LMFT


If you are looking for honest conversations and a practical approach to healing yourself then you are at the right place. 

I work collaboratively with my clients, guiding them through tough periods of their life. I believe that small changes go a long way. I integrate my extensive experience as a therapist and life experience to help my clients. 

I offer trauma-informed, culturally sensitive therapy through 

in-person and telehealth (video) sessions to all California residents.

Call for a FREE phone consultation today!

(916) 220-6632

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With You Every Step Of The Way

Enjoying Outdoor

Trauma Counseling

Learn tools to break free from your past or present trauma. Live the life you always wanted by taming your woes and overcoming challenges. 


Children & Family Counseling

Help your child to gain control of their emotions and outbursts by using proven methods. Learn behavior management tools to help and support them. 


Women & Young Adults

Learn to be your authentic-self, build meaningful relationships, and tame anxiety and depression. Learn practical tools to navigate life successfully.  

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