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Shakti- Women's Symposium

 Inspire, Support, Motivate 

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A free virtual event

Sunday, April 11, 10 am - 12 pm

Shakti is a non-profit community for the women by the women.


The goal of Shakti is to inspire, support, and motivate each other.


Most of the times we do not share and celebrate our achievements in life. We do not talk about everyday wins and things that make us proud. We underestimate and underrate ourselves. Some of it is related to our upbringing, cultural, and societal norms. Some are boundaries that we create for ourselves.


Shakti is a platform for women to come together and share experiences related to our struggles, our achievements, strengths, and talents. Join in to take pride in yourself and achievements of other women. Let's come together to talk about our resilience, strengths, and tenacity in fighting the pandemic and emerging victors!


We support and celebrate each other to grow together.

The 2019 inaugural event was a huge success with women from all walks of life coming together to share experiences and motivate each other. We celebrated distinguished women in the community who are leaders in their own field or who have shown courage, grit and resilience facing adversities. These women are great examples of what perseverance can achieve. For the event summary and pictures visit -

This year we are going to celebrate 3 amazing women.


Savita Farooqui

Founder of SymSoft Solutions

Recognized by President Obama as a "Champion of Change


Sangita Trivedi 

Special Education Teacher


Siri Pulipati

Rancho Cordova City Council Member 

These incredible women are going to share their journey, their adventures and hurdles along with their triumphs. We are gathering together to celebrate them and also to share our experiences, joining together as an empowering community. 

After all your tribe, your community is where you feel nurtured, comforted and also challenged to achieve your goals. You feel energized by the positive connection you make. You feel validated for your efforts and acknowledged for your talents. Let's create a caring community together!! 

Go Shakti!!!

To register for the event click here -  

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