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Because We All Need Help Sometimes. 

Women’s Issues

You are a successful woman with a sense of purpose for your life.  You are intentional and goal-oriented. Occasionally, you might be experiencing heightened anxiety, feelings of panic, and despair. You might feel like you are drowning and then you pull yourself up back again. Stop and think. Do you find yourself in situations like these often?  Do you find yourself intrusively thinking about the next thing on your list unable to focus on the present and don’t even realize it? Do you find yourself running away from recurring problems and using maladaptive coping mechanisms like increased caffeine or alcohol use? Do you engage in self-blame and self-loathing or sometimes blame others or situations? All of this can bring temporary relief but you will find yourself in the same cycle again and again. 

There could be multiple reasons behind this behavior. Your childhood trauma, past life experiences including tragedies, relationship issues and life challenges shape you. 

You can be free from feeling trapped and achieve the peace that you always desire. 

 I will help you understand the impact of trauma on your core beliefs that keep you on a hamster wheel. Know that you can take steps to live your life peacefully without feeling like you are going to come apart at the seams any time. 

Are you experiencing 

  • Feeling in control and out of control at the same time

  • Overwhelming feelings of loneliness 

  • Inability to relax

  • Avoidance of certain situations or people

  • Feeling constantly on the edge

  • Disturbances in sleep

  • Panic and fear 

  • Nightmares or PTSD symptoms due to past trauma


  We can work together to figure out your goals and the means to get there. We will work on learning skills like mindfulness, emotion/stress management and creating/maintaining boundaries. These and other tools can help you find new ways of thinking to better deal with life challenges while keeping your anxiety at bay.




Young Adult

You are an independent person with your own ideas, dreams, and goals. Sometimes it seems like you can do anything you want, and sometimes not so much. You are trying to find that perfect job or maybe still deciding between career and education. Maybe you are dealing with the loss of a relationship. And let's not forget the impact of the pandemic on your social life and career. 

You are looking for a life partner, a satisfying career, a place to call your own, and still manage to maintain a social life. In addition to this, you might feel like you are sandwiched between two cultures, feeling frustrated by trying hard to fulfill expectations from your parents and yourself.  ‘Adulting’ can get overwhelming and result in anxiety or depression.

I can be your coach or a guide to help you navigate your path. I offer culturally sensitive therapy where you will learn communication tools and healthy boundaries to assert yourself while maintaining relationships and keeping self-

respect.  We can work together to make sure you are reaching your goal. 

Give me a call for a free 20-minute phone consultation. 


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