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Smiling for the Camera


Because We All Need Help Sometimes. 

Women’s Issues

We women come with a sensitive and strong mind wrapped in one! We rise to the occasion most of the time and forget to take care of ourselves while doing that. Living through the pandemic might have changed your perception of life and relationships. You might be experiencing heightened anxiety, helplessness, hopelessness, fear, confusion, and sometimes anger. You might be feeling overwhelmed managing work, increased responsibilities at home, and playing multiple roles at a time. 

Are you experiencing 

  • Overwhelming feelings of sadness, loneliness 

  • Feeling out of control

  • Unable to make decisions, 

  • Feeling helpless, hopeless

  • Feeling constantly on the age

  • Disturbances in sleep

  • Nightmares or PTSD symptoms due to past trauma


  We can work together to figure out your goals and the means to get there while maintaining relationships and your self-esteem. We will work on learning skills like mindfulness, emotion/stress management and interpersonal effectiveness. Assertiveness and positive communication can go a long way in achieving our life goals. Mindfulness gives us the strength to take the necessary action by focusing on the present. These and other tools can help you find new ways of thinking to better deal with life challenges. You can be happy again!


Give me a call for a free consultation and to see if we can work together.  

Young Adult

You are an independent person with your own ideas, dreams, and goals. Sometimes it seems like you can do anything you want, and sometimes not so much. You are trying to find that perfect job or maybe still deciding between career and education. Maybe you are dealing with the loss of a relationship. 

You are looking for a life partner, a satisfying career, a place to call your own, and still manage to maintain a social life. In addition to this, you might feel like you are sandwiched between two cultures, feeling frustrated by trying hard to fulfill expectations from your parents and yourself.  ‘Adulting’ can get overwhelming and result in anxiety or depression.

I can be your coach or a guide to help you navigate your path. I offer culturally sensitive therapy where you will learn communication tools and healthy boundaries to assert yourself while maintaining relationships and keeping self-respect.  We can work together to make sure you are reaching your goal. 

Give me a call for a free 20 minute phone consultation.

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